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How To Make Money With eBooks Without Spending Lots of Money?

Ebooks means "Electronic Books" and they offer a quick and easy way to learn about hot topics, and you don't need to be an expert on a specific subject to write one on a topic that will provide quality information to your customers. Of course, it's always better to have some degree of interest in the subject but you don't have to be a leading expert. You just need to know how to help others to get the information they want.

My best suggestion to get your ebook written and ready to sell fast, is to start by acquiring yourself ebooks that comes with PLR (Private Lable Rights) or MRR (Master Resel Rights) license, which let you the possibility to resell them and keep the money. It's even better when "ready made" graphics and sales page are included with your purchase, because it means that all the big works has already been done for you by someone else.

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You can place Affiliate Links in your book. An Affiliate link is where your customer clicks and is taken to a place like Amazon or another website selling products. When they purchase products from these links, you receive a portion of the sale (commission).

Just modify the sales page to add your payment link and that's it; You're now ready to make money from home!

You can even pay affiliates to sell your eBook for you, and keep a percentage of their sales. Clickbank, PayLoadz, Paydotcom, e-Junkie and Tradebit are excellent places to easily start affiliate programs. My suggestion is to give at least 50% of the sales to attract affiliates and skyrocket your business.

What Are The Steps To Make Good Money With eBooks ?

  • Find a Hungry Niche
  • Buy a Product From this Niche That Appeals You
  • Get Your Domain Name And Web Hosting Package
  • Build Your Website
  • Add Freebies to build your list
  • Optimise Your Website For Search Engines
  • Promote Your Website
  • Rinse And Repeat
  • Make Money, Live The American Dream and Be Happy!
Make money from home

To achieve this, You'll need a computer, Internet access, and the ability to take payments online from a service such as Paypal or credit cards. You'll need to build a website, and purchase an appealing domain name to host your Internet business. It's simple as that, except for knowledge and experience that will come day after day.

Where to Buy eBooks For Reselling

You can buy eBooks with PLR or MRR, but it's always better to take those with PLR because they comes with the original files in ".word" format which you can modify and put your name on it, while MRR eBooks in ".pdf" format can be resell but can't be modified.

Membership sites like the ones below are the best option because they let you the possibility to build one or many personalized websites with your PLR, while you can start an other business to resell all the other eBooks of your membership site, without the needs of modifying them, and keep all the money. Opening a seller account on some sites like, or can let you make additional dollars with less effort.

Find some good places below to buy bundles of eBooks at a very low cost. If you want only want one specific PLR product and have a low budget, try Tradebit where you can find PLR eBooks for less than $5.00 each.

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But where do you start?

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